• Project Spartan now available in the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones – Kyle Pflug highlights the availability of the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones, which includes the Internet Explorer Team’s ‘Project Spartan’.
  • Introducing ReSharper C++ – Dmitri Nesteruk and the team over at JetBrains announce the release of ReSharper C++, bringing many of the features that .NET Developers using ReSharper for C#/VB.NET make significant use of to the C++ developers.
  • ServiceBouncer – Paul Stovell shares a simple little utility to help when developing services and constantly needing to restart them.


  • CQRS applied – Gabriel Schenker continues his series of posts looking at Command Query Responsibility Segregation with a look at applying its practices to a real world like problem
  • Chess TDD 30: Starting To Be Idiomatic With SpecFlow – Erik Dietrich continues his Test Driven Development video series with a continued look at building tests with SpecFlow in an idiomatic style
  • Look at where DefinitelyTyped is Now – Jason Jarrett discusses the similarities between his work with Definately Typed NuGet Packages and that now implemented in some of the Visual Studio Templates, and looks back at the history and success of the NuGet Distribution of Definitely Typed TypeScript definitions
  • How Azure Web Apps Hosts an ASP.NET 5 Application – Tugberk Ugurlu discusses how ASP.NET 5 applications are structured and how the IIS Express and Azure Web App hosting go about hosting the application.
  • Introduction to HTML5 video – Dave Voyles kicks off a series of posts looking at Video in HTML content using Azure Media Services, giving a good overview of the various formats available in this part
  • Using Windows 10’s Extended Execution – Morten Nielsen discusses the re-introduction of support for running an application while it isn’t in the foreground on the phone


  • Aurelia: Live Today – Rob Eisenberg is presenting an introductory talk on building applications with Aurelia tonight at 7pm EDT, which is being streamed live buy his hosts Radio-Canada Labs.