• Backward compatibility pain – Jon Skeet discusses the difficulties of backwards compatibility illustrating with three items from .NET 4.6 where there are breakages in backwards compatibility or bugs which are not being fixed to preserve backward compatibility
  • Clean Tests: Isolating the Database – Jimmy Bogard continues his series on clean tests discussing the use of his Respawn tooling to help isolate the database to allow you to get clean tests of functionality which uses the database
  • Fixie – A Convention-based .NET Testing Framework – Jason Roberts takes a brief look at the Fixie test framework, a recent addition to the testing landscape for .NET Developers.
  • Securing Your Logins With ASP.Net MVC – Garry Pilkington kicks off a two part series looking at the different ways of securing ASP.NET applications, starting off with a look at login in MVC in this post.
  • BeckDesignRules – Martin Fowler highlights four simple rules from Kent Beck which will improve your code. Beck developed these rules as a part of his work defining Extreme programming in the 1990s but they are still as relavent now as ever.
  • A first look at the Windows 10 universal app platform – Kevin Gallo sets out the Windows 10 view on Universal Application Development for Desktop, mobile and devices in between
  • MVP Monday – SQL Server High Availability in Windows Azure Iaas – David Bermingham discusses the running of SQL Server in High Availability setups on the Microsoft Azure platform, exploring the various aspects of the configuration of such a setup.
  • Service Bus Explorer 2.6 now available! – Paolo Salvatori announces the release of Service Bus Explorer 2.6 updated to use Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll, intended for use with Service Bus instances hosted in the cloud.