• Can Restrictive Coding Standards Make Us More Productive? – Jason Gorman discusses some of the benefits of having strict and ridged code standards, and how it can make your code better and ensure you keep productivity by having well defined ways of solving problems.
  • Revisiting Partial View Rendering in ASP.NET MVC – Dino Esposito discusses different ways of achieving partial page post back, and explores some ‘lighter touch’ ways of achieving this which don’t involve a full Single Page Application (SPA) framework
  • Sharing Data in an Angular Controller or an Angular Service – John Papa looks at a couple of different scenarios for sharing data between controllers in Angular applications, caching the data and refreshing it should it change
  • HTTPS In 2015 – Eric Lawrence highlights a recent conference talk on the current state of HTTPS, as well as discussing the privacy issues and some interesting behaviour which can impact on privacy.
  • Code Analysis Survey – Eric Battalio shares another survey from the Visual C++ Team on the code analysis experiences, so if you have 10 minutes and some interest or knowledge of these features help them out in making things even better.
  • JSON# – Tutorial #5: Deserialising Complex Objects – Paul Mooney continues his seriese looking at his JSON# library moving on t look at deserialisation of complex object types