• New Features in C# 6 – Mads Torgersen takes us on a tour of the various new language features in C#6 including getter only auto properties, expression bodied members, string interpolation, nameof, await support in catch and finally, using static and index initializers.
  • One Week of Open Source – Immo Landwerth gives a update on the .NET Core open sourcing one week on from the initial announcement, sharing thanks for the great response, looking at the interaction already occurring on the repository and discussing the next steps.
  • .NET Licensing – ode to monolithic applications? – Daniel Fisher shares a look at the Licensing technology included in the ,NET Framework and used by component vendors to license controls, exploring its use, and discussing the problems encountered when working on a composite application rather than a monolithic application
  • Continuous Delivery for Databases: Microservices, Team Structures, and Conway’s Law – Matthew Skelton looks at enabling continuous delivery for database and explores the impact on DBAs and databases of Conway’s Law and the architectural trend to microservices.
  • Incident response – Brian Harry discusses the recent outage on Visual Studio Online caused by a wider spread Azure Storage issue, and looks at the positives of how the incident was handled, sharing useful learning for others on how to respond and handle issues
  • The Art of Unit Testing 2nd Edition – A Barbaric Book Review – Jaime González García shares a look at the second edition of ‘The Art of Unit Testing’, along with some of his learning from reading the book.
  • How to make ANY code in ANY system unit-test-friendly – Rico Mariani shares a simple recipe for making code testable and ensuring the stability of your code.
  • Using partial application for dependency injection – Kenneth Truyers takes a look at Partial Application building on some prior posts around composition and Aspect Oriented Programming, looking how Partial Application can be applied as a part of dependency injection.
  • Digging Into .NET Loop Performance, Bounds-checking, Iteration, and Unrolling – Ben M Watson explores some of the performance of looping code and digging down to the IL to further understand.