• Microsoft Open Sources .NET – The History Behind the Announcement – Kyle Hodgson looks back over the route to Open Source that Microsoft have been on for the last 7 years.
  • Hooray for Open Source .NET! – Brendan Tompkins shares his thoughts on the open sourcing announcement and on .NET as a platform for the future.
  • Katana, ASP.NET 5, and bridging the gap – Pranav Rastogi discusses the changes to Katana coming in the next major release which is a part of the ASP.NET 5 release, and the work needed to upgrade OWIN components for the next version
  • How Passion Saved Windows – Rob Reynolds reflects on the improvements to the Windows Platform which have parked re-adoption, especially among developers, and the role that things like PowerShell, Chocolatey, Puppet and Chef have had in this.
  • Nostalgia, horror, and a very old bug – Eric Lippert reflects on an old bug in Window in an area of code he is familiar with from his time at Microsoft, linking to an analysis of what is likely wrong with the code he did for the Coverity Security Blog.
  • Watch out for superficial invariants – Udi Dahan discusses the concept of a superficial invariant when domain modelling, something which appears to be an invariant initially but actually turns out to be much more complex on a deeper look.
  • Feedback-Centric Development – The One Hacker Way – Ralf Westphal reviews a talk from Erik Meijer, focusing on the core idea of feedback based development, and reviewing what is necessary for this to occur
  • Processing IIS ETW events using Azure Stream Analytics – Tomas Restrepo continues his series looking at the Event Tracing for Windows support included in IIS8.5 with a look at processing the events being generated using Azure Stream Analytics
  • Code Coverage with Async Await – Dwayne Need takes a look at code coverage in sections of code which make use of Async/Await