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  • MSDN Magazine: September 2014 – The September Edition of MSDN Magazine is now available online with articles on cloud enabling hardware, Windows Store application development, Universal App Development, Unity Game Development, and much much more.
  • ZeroMQ #6 : Divide And Conquer – Sacha Barber continues his series looking at ZeroMQ, having covered the basics now looking at a variety of common patterns used with ZeroMQ from a .NET perspective.
  • Features Of ES6 Part 5: The Spread – K. Scott Allen continues his series looking at the new features of ECMAScript 6 with a look at another of the new operators introduced which allows for an array to be expanded into individual parameters.
  • RavenDB 3.0 – Production dog fooding & Dogfood sometimes doesn’t taste so good – Ayende shares his recent experiences of DogFooding RavenDB 3.0 in a production environment explaining why this form of testing is so important for your own software.
  • ASP.NET vNext: Custom Project Loaders and Language Support – Roopesh Shenoy discusses the ASP.NET vNext, highlighting some of the key features, as well as looking at the language support for F# – highlighting some excellent resources on these topics along the way.
  • Azure Caching: All that we need to know – Ganesh Shankaran discusses the types of caching available on the Azure Platform, and looks at some of the uses and best practices.
  • Be Sure With Azure (.NET): Blob Storage – Max R McCarty takes a look at Blob Storage, giving a good overview for developers to understand this aspect of the Azure Platform.


  • Introducing Event Starter Kit – Ugo Lattanzi announces an open source project called the Event Starter Kit which aims to provide a resource for anyone organising a conference or community event