• Announcing RTM of Katana 3 – Vittorio Bertocci announces the RTM release of Katana 3, the Microsoft implementation of the OWIN standard. This release adds in features taking advantage of the .NET 4.5 async / await functionality as well as additional middleware implementations for identity and authentication.
  • Announcing the release of Visual F# Tools 3.1.2 – The Visual Studio F# team announce the release of Visual F# Tools 3.1.2 including the latest F# compiler, interactive, runtime and Visual Studio integration. This release includes extended Portable Class Library support for Windows Phone 8.1, non-locking assembly references, publish support for web and Azure projects and much more.
  • AdventureWorks 2014 Sample Databases Are Now Available – Jimmy May highlights the release of the SQL Server 2014 versions of the Adventure Works Sample database


  • Object-oriented JavaScript for C# Developers – Jaime González García takes a looka t how you can write Object Oriented like JavaScript, providing a suitable transition for C# Developers over to the language, looking at how JavaScript provides for similar implementations,
  • Simple inheritance with JavaScript – David Catuhe is also looking at OO practices and how they map into JavaScript, exploring inheritance in JavaScript
  • "Localization for .NET Succinctly" – Greg Duncan highlights the latest free e-book in the Succinctly series from SyncFusion, a nice tome on the practices surrounding Localization
  • Five Cross Platform Pillars – Miguel de Icaza gives an update on the 5 key areas of cross platform development that the Xamarin platform is aiming to address – currently having handled 4 out of the five
  • Part One: Getting Started with Node.js for the .NET Developer – Tomasz Janczuk kicks off a series of posts looking at Node.js from the point of view of a .NET Developer
  • A New Package Statistics Warehouse – Jeff Handley and the NuGet Team discuss how they have been working to improve statistics reporting for NuGet Pacakges.
  • Fun with the Interns: Shaurya Arora on Designing .NET for NuGet – Beth Massi shares a video interview with Shaurya Arora, a Program Manager Intern at Microsoft who has been heavily involved with the shift of the .NET Framework to being distributed as packages over NuGet.
  • VSO is Happy to See You! Project Welcome Pages – Steve Lange highlights a nice new feature on the Visual Studio Online service, which brings the ability to have project welcome pages (aka as a part of your project
  • ZeroMq # 1: Hello World – Sacha Barber kicks off another series of posts this time looking at ZeroMq, a library written in C which provides an abstraction over the typical socket handling code, and put a more message passing interface over the top.