• What is up with transparent identifiers? Part one – Eric Lippert discusses the transformation of LINQ Queries, and the role of the Transparent Identifier in this process in this first of two parts on the subject.
  • Chess TDD 11: Tying Up Loose Ends – Eric Dietrich continues his series looking at creating a Chess Game using Test Driven Development practices, following on from the implementation of the final pieces with some clean up and organisation
  • Lying with statistics and StackOverflow – Cellfish dissects a recent article discussing the performance and throughput of Stack Overflow, looking at how statistics around performance can often be misleading
  • The Features of ES6 Part 1: Let – K.Scott Allen takes a look at what is coming in terms of language improvements in ECMAScript 6, kicking of the new series with a look at the let keyword
  • AngularJS: Organizing Your Code With Modules – Newton Saber takes a look at the implementation of the Module Pattern with AngularJS code in this CodeProject article.
  • Long Paths and .NET – Peter Richie discusses some of the pain points around support for long paths to files on the Windows platform and .NET Framework.
  • Using Triggers to Automatically Add Indexes – Brent Ozar shares a neat tip for creating indexes on tables which are dynamically created when you aren’t able to control or alter the table creation code.