• Welcome to ReactiveUI 6.0 & What’s new in ReactiveUI 6: ReactiveCommand<T> – Paul Betts announces the release of ReactiveUI 6.0, a significant milestone in the project, with over 8 months work going into this release which adds support for Windows Phone, Xamarin Forms, improved support for list based views, and a new Reactive Command implementation
  • Viasfora 2.0 Released! – Tomas Restrepo announces the release of version 2.0 of his Visual Studio Extension Viasfora which brings numerous extensions to the text editor, extending the features of Rainbow Braces in this release
  • Orchard 1.8.1 Released and Website Upgrades – David Hayden announces the release of Orchard 1.8.1 a bugfix release on top of the 1.8 platform addressing 36 reported bugs