• Announcing Xamarin 3 – Nat Friedman announces the release of Xamarin 3 which includes a Designer for iOS, their new Xamarin.Forms library for building cross platform views, IDE enhancements and better code sharing support
  • Caliburn.Micro 2.0 Released! – Rob Eisenberg announces the release of Caliburn Micro 2.0 the latest version of this MVVM framework supporting all XAML Platforms, Portable Class Libraries and Universal Applications, along with a new project website, and new project leadership in the form of Nigel Sampson.
  • Launching & Internet Explorer platform priorities – Sam George of the Internet Explorer Team announce the latest update to Status.Modern.IE their site looking at the features coming in the next version(s), along with releasing the site as open source
  • New features and improvements in Deedle v1.0 – Tomas Petricek announces the release of Deedle 1.0, a .NET library for data exploration and analysis supporting both C# and F#