• Glimpse 1.8.5 released – The Glimpse Team announce the release of Glimpse 1.8.5, patch/bugfix release which introduces one new feature, support for attribute based routing, along with significant improvements to Entity Framework support,


  • Warnings vs errors – Eric Lippert shares the latest instalment of ‘Ask the Bug Guys’ discussing why the compiler gives warnings about invalid / impossible comparisons rather than throwing a hard error.
  • F#20 : Creating Types / Adding Members – Sacha Barber reaches part 20 of his series looking at the F# language, and related programming practices and techniques , starting out with a look at some of the Object Oriented features of the F# language.
  • Getting Started on the Roslyn Journey – Erik Dietrich takes a look at Roslyn, cutting through some of the hype and excitement, and looking at what it can be useful for you in practice, as well as walking through the steps to getting it up and running.
  • Prototyping with C#? Thanks, Roslyn! – ‘BC3Tech’ takes a look at a product of Roslyn in the form of ScriptCS, a REPL environment for running C# code quickly and easily.
  • Ignoring routes in ASP.NET Web API – StrathWeb – Fillip W takes a look at the improvement to Routing on all hosts in WebAPI 2.1 which allows you to ignore processing on certain rtoutes using the StopRoutingHandler, discussing its use.
  • Why Katana should be on your radar – Rick Anderson briefly discusses the Katana OWIN host and why you should be aware of it, as well as providing some links to good resources on Katana.
  • Azure Websites and wildcard domains – Michael Candido takes a look at how you can configure Azure Websites to respond on wildcard domains, allowing you to have any subdomain of a website function correctly.
  • Authentication Protocols, Web UX and Web API – Vittorio Bertocci follows on from a recent post looking at the basics of token validation with a back to basics look at a number of different authentication protocols, provising useful background on each of these.
  • you have ruined javascript – Rob Ashton takes a slightly light hearted (and quite sweary) look at where he feels JavaScript development has gone wrong in creating large frameworks. Thought provoking stuff, and worth reading the comments too.