• Azure Updates: Web Sites, VMs, Mobile Services, Notification Hubs, Storage, VNets, Scheduler, AutoScale and More – Scott Guthrie formally announces the latest batch of updates from the Azure Team, including SSL on websites, Chef and Puppet extensions for Virtual Machines, enhancements for Notification Hubs, mobile services, the GA release of Read Access Geo Redundant Storage along with a couple of other things too!
  • Announcing Multilingual App Toolkit v3.0 – Cameron Lerum announces the release of the Multilingual App Toolkit version 3. This release was actually announced at the Build 2014 conference and support now includes WPF, Winforms, ASP.NET MVC, Store applications, and Windows Phone all with a unified workflow.
  • ODataLib 6.2 release – LeoHu1 and the OData team announce the release of ODataLib 6.2 available on NuGet. This release includes a number of new improvements for Model and Client use cases, along with a new method to generate ServiceDocuments from the EdmModel.