• Introducing dotPeek 1.2 Early Access Program – The JetBrains team announce the opening of the Early Access Programme for dotPeek 1.2, the next version of this free .NET Decompiler which includes a number of ReSharper like navigation features.


  • Mono and Roslyn – Miguel de Icaza gives a detailed and interesting overview of what the open sourcing of Roslyn means for the Mono world, including a compliant VB.NET implementation on Unix and much more
  • Community Involvement and Roslyn – Bill Wagner discusses the Roslyn open source release, and how the community can use it to gain a better understanding of the platform, and how they can get involved with the project
  • How your feedback is shaping .NET – Immo Landwerth is also discussing community involvement, this time with the .NET Framework, looking back over some of the UserVoice suggestions which have been progressed into features of the Framework and supporting packages.
  • Why does C# use UTF-16 for strings? – Eric Lippert digs into the history behind the string representations in the C# and VB.NET languages, looking at why UTF-16 was chosen
  • Opt in and opt out from ASP.NET Web API Help Page – Filip W looks at the configuration of endpoints involvement with the ASP.NET Web API Help Pages, showing how to control what is included and excluded in the help page output.
  • Improve your JavaScript with Web Essentials and JSHint – David Paquette takes a look at the integration of JSHint into Visual Studio provided by the Web Essentials extension, and looks at how JSHint can help you to improve your JavaScript Code
  • Everything you need to know about the Heartbleed SSL bug – Troy Hunt shares a considered and detailed post about the Hearbleed OpenSSL vulnerability, looking at what the problem is, what might be compromised and what can be done to protect against it.
  • F# 15 : Code Organization (Modules / Files/ Types) – Sacha Barber continues his series on the F# language with a look at how to go about organising code in the F# using different files and modules to contain your F# types


  • Dot Net Notts (Nottingham, England) – A new .NET Usergroup has sprung on to the scene in Nottingham, with their first meeting taking place on Monday 28th April where Richard Conway will be giving a taste of Windows Azure. The group have a number of talks lined up for the next 6 months (friend of the Brew Andrew Westgarth features in May on IIS). Certainly one to watch and get involved in if you are anywhere near Nottingham