• Video Tutorial and Screenshots: Windows 8.1 Update 1 – Scott Hanselman gives a taste of the new Windows 8.1 Update 1 release outlining some of the key changes and features introduced – very useful, especially when the update reaches general availability in the next few weeks.
  • Free book from Syncfusion on Visual Studio 2013 Succinctly – Tatworth highlights a free ebook on the Visual Studio 2013 IDE from Alessandro Del Sole and the folks over at Syncfusion.
  • I’m throwing in the towel in FubuMVC – Jeremy D Miller makes the sad announcement that he is ceasing work on the FubuMVC project, sharing some history of the project, along with looking at where he feels it went wrong.
  • Performance Profiling on Windows Phone 8.1 with Visual Studio – Haseeb Ah shares a look at the performance profiling features of the Performance and Diagnostic Hub which now include support for profiling Windows Phone 8.1 applications
  • BUILD Day 2: Keynote Summary – Steve Fox shares a nice summary of the announcements in the Day 2 keynote at Build 2014
  • Sublime is Sublime 12 – Greg Young round out his series of posts looking at the use of Sublime as an IDE for .NET code
  • Orleans – Phil Trelford shares his views on the Orleans Project, announced at Build 2014, comparing it to other actor frameworks, and highlighting the good and bad parts of this new contender.
  • Continuous Javascript Testing with Karma – Eli Weinstock-Herman takes a look at continuous testing of JavaScript code using the Karma framework, walking through the setup, and discussing the experience.