• Thoughts On JavaScript Generators – K.Scott Allen discusses the pain of callbacks, looks at promises to improve on them, and then moves on to explore ECMA Script 6 Generators
  • JavaScript Promises: A Journey To The "Promise Land" – Derick Bailey is also discussing promises, and sharing a freely available screencast video whcih he produced on the subject.
  • Evergreen Browsers – Rob Eisenberg discusses what he considers to be the most significant feature of the latest crop of browsers, their auto update capability. Rob discusses how this is a significant feature, and considers how different the world would be if IE6 had had this ability.
  • Does Garbage Collection Hurt? – Alois Kraus discusses the pain and performance and responsiveness problems which garbage collection can be at the root of, discussing techniques to help identify the problems,
  • Segregate your code commits into tiny topical changes. – Jason Jarrett discusses the way you should structure your commits when working with source code control, explaining the reason for doing many small commits to ensure that your changes are clear.
  • StructureMap 3 is gonna tell you what’s wrong and where it hurts – Jeremy D Miller discusses the diagnostic features of StructureMap 3, sharing a look at how it will help you identify problems in your configuration and setup in ways better than other Inversion of Control frameworks.
  • JavaScript time values: dates as milliseconds since 1970-01-01 – Dr. Axel Rauschmayer takes a look at the representation of dates in JavaScript, looking at the internals, and how you can interact with value.