• New open source Portable Class Library for SQLite – MSOpenTech announce the release of a portable class library for SQLite, the embedded database technology, under an open source license, making it ever easier to support SQLite on a range of platforms.
  • Released: Umbraco 7.0.3 – Hot on the heels of their 7.0.2 the Umbraco team announce the release of Umbraco 7.0.3 a small bugfix release addressing a number of reported issues.



  • DDD South West 5 – The DDD Southwest series of conferences is set to return this year thanks to much reorganisation and effort by the committee. The event will take place at a new venue much more centrally in Bristol on 17th May.
  • Release Management with Team Foundation Server 2013 –
    Smart Devs User Group
    – The Smart Devs user group based in Herefordshire welcome Matteo Emili for a session on Continuous Integration with Team Foundation server on Monday 10th February
  • Continuous deployment the Octopus way – Jimmy Bogard is visiting SkillsMatter for an ‘In the Brain’ session on Continuous Deployment using Octopus Deploy on Monday 10th February