• How many 32-bit types might we want? – Jon Skeet discusses the use of ‘Tiny Types’ for code clarity, and considers what other 32bit types we might find useful in our programming.
  • Create your own CLR Profiler – Calvin Hsia looks at implementing your own CLR profiler, sharing the C++ Code to perform a very basic profiling operation on your application.
  • Estimations in budgets and costs – Jimmy Bogard discusses the art and supposed science of estimation in software development, suggesting that we abandon the abstract ‘points’ based measures and actually start talking in real time, and real money
  • For your convenience, please disable security warnings – Troy Hunt discusses the security threat from mixed HTTP and HTTPS content, and what the browser warning is trying to tell you and protect you against, as well as why as developers we need to be aware of the threat and ensure that we don’t mix content modes.
  • Analyzing Windows Azure Storage Logs – Brian Swan discusses the process for exploring and analysing Azure Storage Logs, something which is particularly important when working with ‘Big Data’ in HDInsight