• ResX-Aggregator extension – A rather useful looking Visual Studio Extension for working with RESX resource files in multiple languages from Jeffery Tian


  • What is "duck typing"? – Eric Lippert starts the year with a fabulous adventure discussing the definition of Duck Typing, looking at type systems, and how C# does actually do some ‘duck typing’ under the covers.
  • Log4net Azure Service Bus Appender – Michael Stephenson looks at the implementation of a custom Log4Net Appender which will record log events to the Windows Azure Service bus, providing a nice way to combine and process logging messages from a number of applications.
  • Simple.Web and ServiceStack Templates – Daniel Mohl shares another two project templates for projects in F#, this time providing templates for the Simple.Web framework and Service Stack framework.
  • Windows Phone 8 Blank Project Template for Visual Studio 2013 – Michael Crump shares a version of his Visual Studio 2012 Blank Windows Phone 8 project template for Visual Studio 2013
  • Portable Class Libraries: Papering Over Platform Differences – Gordon Watts discusses the somewhat viral nature of Portable Class Libraries, and looks at a work around which allows you to call platform specific functionality from Portable Class Libraries.
  • Code rant: The Geek Christmas Quiz 2013 &The Geek Christmas Quiz 2013: The Answers! – In case you missed Mike Hadlow’s annual Geek Christmas Quiz this year (which is possible since I forgot to include it in an edition of the Brew before Christmas) here is a little something to soften the ‘back to work’ blues – now with answers too.