• Announcing preview of Microsoft.AspNet.Identity 2.0.0-alpha1 – The ASP.NET team announce the first alpha release of Microsoft.AspNet.Identity 2.0 as a preview NuGet package. This 2.0 release brings a whole host of new features including password reset, account confirmation and better ways of working with users in code.
  • EF 6.1 Alpha 1 Available – Rowan Miller announces the first alpha release of Entity Framework 6.1, containing an initial couple of new features which the team are looking to get feedback on.
  • Glimpse ASP.NET 1.7 Released – Cache Tab – Nik Molnar announce the 1.7 release of the Glimpse ASP.NET library which adds a new Cache tab giving information about the cache usage of the application. Also updated in this release are Glimpse.Core and Glimpse.MVC
  • Updated license for September 2012 Roslyn preview available – MattGe gives a licensing update on the September 2012 Roslyn Preview, offering a new license which extends the old one past its expiry in January.