• EF6.0.2 RTM Available – Rowan Miller announces the RTM release of Entity Framework 6.0.2. This release is a patch on the earlier 6.0.0 and 6.0.1 releases which addresses some performance issues encountered with these release.
  • TFS Administration Tool 2.3 (2013) Released & Announcing Team Foundation Server Administration Tool – Grant Holliday and Charles Sterling announce the release of the Team Foundation Server Administrator Tool, now updated for the TFS 2013 Object Model
  • RxJS 2.2 Released – The Reactive Extensions Team make their official announcement of the release of The Reactive Extensions 2.2 for JavaScript, giving a run down of the new features introduced.
  • Umbraco 7.0.1 – The Umbraco Team announce the release of Umbraco 7.0.1 which addresses a number of reported issues with the 7.0.0 release, along with improving UI, rich text editor and addressing issues deleting content.


  • 30 Days of TDD – Day 30 – Conclusion – James Bender wraps up this substantial series on Test Driven Development with a short post highlighting the key takeaway points from the series.
  • JavaScript Developer Survey 2013: Results – Alex Young shares the results of the DailyJS JavaScript Developer Survey for 2013, with full statistical data available, along with a summary of the key findings.
  • Accepting Raw Request Body Content with ASP.NET Web API – Rick Strahl takes a look at capturing raw request boy information in WebAPI, and shows how it is one of the things which is not as straightforward as you might imagine.
  • Nailing Down Generics – Patrick Lioi discusses the hidden complexities of Generics, and discusses the calling of generic methods using reflection, setting the scene to discuss what his Fixie test framework does with generic tests.
  • Highlights for NHibernate Performance – Shmulik Willinger shares some really useful NHibernate performance tips to help you get the best out of your object relational mappings which use NHibernate.
  • Code-first O/R mapping is actually rather silly – Frans Bouma discusses why he considers Code First Object Relational Mappings to be a strange concept.
  • Elasticsearch – Christiaan Baes shares a little of his new found enthusiasm for ElasticSearch, discussing the setup and some initial playing with the REST API