• A Baker’s Dozen of Dots to Connect – Kathleen Dollard shares some interesting insight to what the .NET, Visual Studio and C#/VB.NET teams are up to with regards to future releases
  • Minty: Conveying an API – Rob Conery continues his series looking at the writing of a Blogging Engine in Node.JS. In this post Rob responds to feedback received, and looks at the eventing model he is using, along with some of the interesting thread safety issues that using Node circumvents.
  • 30 Days of TDD – Day 28 – Reader Question #4 – James Bender continues wrapping up his Test Driven Development from first principles series with another reader question, looking today at the idea of writing the smallest implementation that makes your test pass.
  • Application settings in Azure Mobile Services – Carlos Figueira takes a look at a relatively new Azure Mobile Services feature which provides a configuration settings API (for programatic access) and interface in the portal making it easier to apply configuration to your Mobile Services implementations.
  • Browser Link – Tracking Unused CSS – David Paquette takes a look at one of the Browser Link features which is provided by the Web Essentials Extension which allows you to identify CSS Rules which are not being utilised in your applications.
  • AngularJS – Part 2, the controller – Gabriel Schenker continues his series looking at Angular JS with a look at the role and creation of the controller within an Angular Application.
  • Re-examining ASP.NET and Helios Performance Tests – Rick Strahl shares some updated performance figures for basic requests through various ASP.NET Frameworks.
  • Fetch performance of various .NET ORM / Data-access frameworks – Frans Bouma is also in a performance testing mood and shares a set of results for data loading performance of various Object Relational Mappers.
  • Protect Glimpse.axd with your custom runtime policy – Christophe Gijbels discusses the implementation of custom runtime policies for Glimpse to allow you to apply custom rules to restrict access to Glimpse Functionality when in production.