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  • Announcing TypeScript 0.9.5 – TypeScript – Jonathan Turner announces the release of TypeScript 0.9.5, a release focused on improving quality and stability with a huge number of community reported issues resolved, including crashes, memory and CPU leaks.
  • The MS Open Tech Hub releases Rx 2.2 – The Interoperability @ Microsoft blog highlights the release of the Reactive Extensions 2.2 which includes further support for Windows Phone 8
  • Releasing TouchDevelop for Android: a companion app to receive notifications – Nikolai Tillmann announces the release of TouchDevelop for Android. The application wraps the Touch Dvelop Web Application, and provides integration for native notifications giving a more full featured experience on the Android Platform.
  • Windows Azure Tables: Introducing JSON – The Windows Azure Storage Team make the official announcement of their new support for JSON formatted data in the 2013-08-15 release, as an alternative to the OData AttomPub format.