• Portable Class Library (PCL) now available on all platforms – Rich Lander and the .NET Team announce the release of the .NET portable class library reference assemblies as a standalone release which can be used on any operating system bringing portable classes to the masses on platforms like Mono on Unix/Linux.
  • Improving the state of the art in API documentation sites – Daniel Cazzulino shares NuDoq an new framework for creating documentation for the libraries contained in NuGet packages, providing baked in support for working with NuGet packages, fast indexing and searching, community discussions and contributed documentation via a Wiki interface


  • AngularJS vs Knockout – Automated Testing (7 of 8 ) – Eli Weinstock-Herman continues his series looking at the similarities and differences between two of the major Single Page Web Application frameworks, KnockoutJS and AngularJS with a look in this part at how you can go about writing automated tests against the code you write with the framework.
  • Asynchronous Solution Load Performance Improvements in Visual Studio 2013 – Ben Bradley of the Visual Studio Team takes a look at one of the startup improvements in Visual Studio 2013 – project loading which can now occur asynchronously.
  • Data Breakpoints – Brad Sullivan continues his series exploring the various types of Breakpoint available in Visual Studio with a look at the Data Breakpoint, a feature available to C++ developers which allows execution to break when a specific piece of memory is modified.
  • Remotely accessing the Windows Azure Compute Emulator – Sandrino Di Mattia takes a look at exposing the Windows Azure Compute Emulator to virtual machines to allow for testing with things like the virtual machines.
  • DROP/CREATE vs ALTER on SQL Server Stored Procedures – Colin Angus Mackay discusses the management of Stored Procedures using Migrations, and looks at the difference between a drop and recreate versus an alter.
  • Grokking IQueryable – tilovell09 shares a number of hints and tips to help you better understand the role of IQueryable types in .NET
  • ASP.NET Web API, CORS Authentication, SSL, and self signing certificate – Ilan Geller shares some experiences with getting CORS Authentication working with an IIS hosted self signed certificate when running Web API in this CodeProject article.


  • Black Marble Events – Visual Studio 2013 Launch – The Team over at Black Marble are running a Visual Studio 2013 Launch event running in parallel with the main New York event, with a stream of the live event on the afternoon of 13th November at their offices in Cleckheaton.