I had a splendid time at DDD North 2013 this weekend – great sessions, great people, great organisation, and great sponsors all adding up to a fantastic conference. Many thanks to all involved.


  • EF Power Tools Beta 4 Available – Glenn Condron announces the release of The Entity Framework Power Tools Beta 4, a Visual Studio extension available from the Visual Studio Gallery which provides additional tooling for Entity Framework 6 Development in Visual Studio 2013. This latest beta addresses a number of reported issues in previous beta release.
  • Announcing NuGet.TfsBuild – Private package repository support for TfsBuild – Joel Hammond-Turner announces the release of a useful NuGet Package which enabled Team Foundation Service (the hosted TFS) to make use of private protected package repositories, enabling you make use of your own private NuGet feed with the hosted build process.


  • Friendly License Names – Howard Dierking announces a useful new feature for the NuGet Gallery and Visual Studio Client which will bring the actual license name used for NuGet packages front and centre making it easier to know what license packages use.
  • AngularJS vs Knockout – Templating (5 of 8) – Eli Weinstock-Herman continues his series looking at the differences and similarities between KnockoutJS and AngularJS, exploring the way in which both handle templating HTML in this post.
  • Conditional Breakpoints – Brad Sullivan continues his series exploring the us of Break Points in Visual Studio with a look at the conditional breakpoint and its use in debugging.
  • SignalR and user identity (authentication and authorization) – Gustavo Armenta Valdez takes a look at securing a SignalR service with authorisation and authentication making use of the OWIN modules to provide the identity, sharing a sample project to illustrate.
  • We published IntelliCommand as open source project on CodePlex – Denis Gladkikh announces the news that the IntelliCommand Visual Studio Extension is now available as Open Source software hosted on CodePlex – another great extension to learn from!
  • Asynchronous Operations with Xamarin – Wallace McClure takes a look at how Xamarin implemented C# .NET Async support for iOS and Andriod APIs as a part of their cross platform development framework in this Visual Studio Magazine article.
  • Learn MVC (Model View Controller) step by step in 7 days Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 & Day 4 – Shivprasad koirala kicks off a seven part series looking at getting developers up to speed with ASP.NET MVC with a supporting series of lab exercises and demonstration videos.
  • SQL Server Storage Internals 101 – Mark S Rasmussen takes us on a tour of the way in which SQL Server actually stores data – fascinating stuff
  • SideWaffle: How to create your own VS template pack – Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi shares a couple of video tutorials on the use of SideWaffle, a project which makes it easier to create Visual Studio Templates.