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The Morning Brew #1449

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  • IE11 Changes – Eric Lawrence shares the start of his feature list of new features included in Internet Explorer 11, this time with the difference being that he is an outsider to the project (although still as an MVP). As usual good links to details about each of the new features are included.
  • Unicode and JavaScript – Dr. Axel Rauschmayer discusses every developers favourite topic, character encoding, with a look at the handling of UniCode in JavaScript – highly recommended reading.
  • Sustainable Web Design – A List Apart feature an article from James Christie discussing the ecological impact of the internet, and looking at how web developers can think more ecologically about the website implementations
  • Web Deploy command line (msdeploy.exe) Scenario bash – Jask2002 shares a useful scenario based look at the use of msdeploy from the command line giving recipes for performing common tasks using msdeploy.
  • EasyNetQ: IConsumerDispatcher – Mike Hadlow discusses a new feature for EasyNetQ allowing the implementation of custom dispatchers, starting out y discussing the original implementation, and looking at how you can implement your own strategy.


  • 10 Online Sessions for Windows Phone 8 Development – Mohamed Yamama is running 10 online 2 hour sessions looking at all aspects of Windows Phone 8 development over the coming weeks, with the first part starting today (25th). The sessions are free, and all you need is the Lync meeting client to attend,

The Morning Brew #1448

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  • PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio Beta v0.5 – Adam Driscoll highlights the beta release of the PowerShell tools for Visual Studio, bringing enhanced PowerShell support to Visual Studio 2013 RC. In the post Adam gives a run down of some of the useful features these tools add.
  • Announcing Code Health Metrics for CodeLens – A DevLabs Project – David Starr announces the release of an experimental extension for the Visual Studio CodeLens feature which adds a code health level indicator to the Codelens giving an indication of how good or bad the method’s implementation is .


The Morning Brew #1447

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  • Simple.Web 0.10 release – Ian Battersby announces the release of Simple.Web 0.10 featuring a number of enhancements sourced from the Simple.Web community including support for multiple query string parameters with the same key, Windsor IOC support and much more.


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