• Windows Azure: New Distributed, Dedicated, High Performance Cache Service + More Cool Improvements – Scott Guthrie announces the latest batch of improvements to the Windows Azure Platform, with a new distributed high performance cache service available to all service types as a preview service, along with further auto scale features including schedule based scaling and history reporting, as well as improved logging features for Azure Websites
  • Expanding Windows Azure MSDN Benefi – Brian Harry announces the news that the Windows Azure MSDN benefit is being included with two additional subscription levels, giving MSDN Platforms and Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN access to cloud services as a part of the standard subscription.
  • Duplicate Finder, Part of ReSharper Command Line Tools – JetBrains highlight their ReSharper Command Line tools which allow you to run certain features of ReSharper at the command line. In this post they look at the Duplicate finder tool.


  • MSDN Magazine – MSDN Magazine’s September edition is now available for reading online, with articles looking at Cross Platform development using MVVM, Windows Phone and Windows 8 development, a look at the C++ REST SDK, discussion of language choices for building modern applications, as well as all the usual columns.
  • DNC Magazine for .NET Developers – September 2013 Issue – .NET Curry magazine’s September-October edition is out. The magazine requires subscription (its free) to access, and this month includes articles following on from the Build conference, with looks at Windows 8 app development, Agile Testing Principles, KnockoutJS, Web API and an interview with Scott Hunter (Principal Program Manager on the ASP.NET Team).
  • 10 Uses for Realtime Web Technologies – Chris Missal shares the final post in this series from Brad Carleton taking a look at 10 really great uses for the real time web technologies and techniques discussed in the series so far
  • 5 Days of Simple.Web: Content Negotiation – Ian Battersby continues this introduction to Simple.Web series with a look at the representation of data out of Simple.Web applications through the use of Content Negotiation
  • An Overview of Project Katana – Howard Dierking shares a detailed article on the Project Katana initiative, discussing what the project is about, and exploring the OWIN interface upon which it rests, looking at the architecture of Katana and how the componentization of it makes replacing parts and creating composite applications easier.
  • Metaprogramming Fun In JavaScript – K.Scott Allen takes a look at convertng code into data structures which represent the code in JavaScript, exploring a simple approach to achieving this.