• Glimpse 1.6.0 released – Anthony van der Hoorn announces the latest release of Glimpse, taking the version number to 1.6. This release includes a number of improvements and new features including improved NuGet package information, server time, along with updates to Glimpse.ASP.NET, Glimpse.MVC and Glimpse.ADO packages.
  • dotPeek 1.1 is Released – JetBrains announce the release of dotPeek 1.1, available as 32 and 64 bit releases this new version includes features to export an assembly to a project, XAML WPF decompilation support and much more.
  • Humanizer V0.4 – Mehdi Khalili announces the 0.4 release of Humanizer a library which takes .NET types and converts them into human readable names. This ranges from taking Pascal Case strings to Sentence case (with spaces), extracting enum names, common date terminology (yesterday, etc) along with support for Pluralisation and Adding Ordinals to numbers – useful stuff.