Update: Changed the link for ‘Writing a simple implementation of dependency injection in MVC 4 Web API with .NET Framework 4.5’ to a different link which seems to work better for people – thanks to Barry for letting me know about the problems with the old one


  • Visual Studio 2012 tools for Git ( are available – Brian Harry announces the release of an update to the Git tooling for Visual Studio 2012, bringing closer parity (infact leapfrogging) between the 2012 and 2013 preview tooling
  • July 2013 Release of the Ajax Control Toolkit – Stephen Walther announces the release of the July 2013 release of the Ajax Control Toolkit, a large focus of which is the performance of the toolkit loading, with improvements to the combining, minification zipping and caching.
  • NUnitLite 1.0 Beta Released – Charlie Poole announces the release of the beta of NUnitLite 1.0, a subset of the features of NUnit deliberately kept simple, and supporting all flavours of .NET.


  • A contravariance conundrum – Eric Lippert takes a look at an interesting problem with contravariance illustrating with a comparison example using IEqualityComparer<T>, caused by earlier language design choices from before Co and Contra-variance were introduced.
  • Using the Katana Authentication handlers with NancyFx – Pablo M. Cibraro takes a look at another important factor in creating OWIN / Katana based functionality such as Authentication Handlers, that they are able to be used where ever OWIN is supported, meaning that his previous post’s handler can be applied to a NancyFX application also.
  • Writing a simple implementation of dependency injection in MVC 4 Web API with .NET Framework 4.5 – Kirpa Singh takes a look at implementing simple DI and plugging it into the extension points available in ASP.NET Web API
  • Get started by using ASP.Net Web API and NancyFx with OWIN/Katana – Fredrik Normén gives a short introduction to OWIN and Katana by looking at the bootstrapping code required to get it up and running, before looking at hosting of WebAPI and NancyFX within Katana.
  • Regedit added Favorites? – John Guin highlights a useful feature which was introduced into RegEdit in Windows 7, the ability to favourite registry entries for easy access. I hadn’t noticed this one before , but can certainly see cases where I would make use if it.
  • Debugging and Tuning Web Sites and Apps with F12 Developer Tools in IE11 – PJ Hough gives an overview of some of the features in the new F12 developer tools included in Internet Explorer 11 which have been developed in collaboration with the Visual Studio team.
  • An Overview of the NuGet Ecosystem – Xavier Decoster gives a good overview of the ecosystem surrounding NuGet, highlighting a variety of projects and products which make use of the NuGet package format and distribution mechanisms