• For Backbone.js devs: easily enable new Cloud based experiences in your apps with the Windows Azure Mobile Data Service – Olivier Bloch highlights the development by Microsoft Open Technologies of an open source Backbone adapter which makes it easy to synchronise data to a Windows Azure Data Services
  • Enterprise grade Git – Brian Harry discusses the git support which is going to be front and centre of the Visual Studio 2013 / Team Foundation Server 2013 release, discussing some of the aims the team are addressing with the functionality.
  • 3.11pr1 Released – YUI Blog – The YUI team have release a preview release of YUI 3.11. This release sees some significant changes to Attribute and Base, and they are keen for developers to try out the functionality in existing applications to help them ensure that it all behaves as expected.


  • Huge collection of Free Microsoft eBooks for you, including: Office, Office 365, SharePoint, SQL Server, System Center, Visual Studio, Web Development, Windows, Windows Azure, and Windows Server – Eric Ligman follows on from the success last year and has updated his list of completely free Microsoft eBooks with all this years titles. This list covers everything from Office 365 Windows Azure development, and is certain to contain something worth including in your summer reading.
  • Dynamic security misconfiguration scanning with OnCheckin and ASafaWeb – Troy Hunt discusses the importance of ongoing security checking and testing in your applications to ensure that your application continues to be as secure as it was when first developed, and discusses how his ASafaWeb tool has now been integrated with OnCheckin, a Cloud based deployment tool.
  • Next up for HUD? – Anthony van der Hoorn discusses the feedback from the Glimpse Heads Up Display functionality and starts to look to the future, sharing some of the team’s thoughts on where to take this functionality, and asking for your feedback on the roadmap via a survey.
  • AngleSharp – Florian Rappl shares a detailed article on the use and development of AngleSharp, a library which provides DOM like API onto HTML and CSS content from C# code, going a few steps beyond the HTMLAgilityPack.
  • Update to HttpClient and Automatic Decompression – Immo Landwerth announces the latest beta release of HttpClient which now supports automatic decompression across all platforms with the team having removed the dependency on the Microsoft.Bcl.Compression library which in turn depended on the native support for decompression. This has been achieved by bringing the decompression code into HttpClient.
  • Problems with XML Serialization and .NET 4.5 – Jim Lahey highlights some problems he encountered with XML Serialisation when running on .NET 4.5, but not on 4.0, and shows how a configuration setting allows you to control the implementation of the serializer used.


  • NxtGenUG – Event: Windows Phone 8 WP8 – The Hereford NxtGenUG are having a session on Windows Phone 8 development which will look at the platform, and explore some of the new features of the WP8 platform. The event is on Monday 8th July.