• Windows Azure: Major Updates for Mobile Backend Development – Scott Guthrie announces the latest batch of improvements to the Windows Azure Mobile Services, including a .NET API available via NuGet, Android push notifications, free database and websites and much more
  • Glimpse 1.4.2 released – Anthony van der Hoorn announces another minor update to address some reported issues in Glimpse 1.4, with a handful of issues addressed in the Glimpse.Core module.
  • Announcement: Employee Info Starter Kit (v6.0-ASP.NET MVC Edition) is Released – Ashraful Alam Joy highlights the release of the 6th version of the Employee Info Starter Kit, a fully formed application running on ASP.NET MVC4, Entity Framework 4.3 and SQL Compact, a great learning tool, and also a starting point for your own applications of this nature.


  • Overriding filters in ASP.NET Web API vNext – Filip W takes a look at the next release of Web API and explores how you can override filters, addressing one of the things which is currently very difficult to achieve.
  • Logging: The Most Important Part of Any Application – NSProgrammer discusses the importance of good logging in your applications, looking the top 10 features that logging must provide to be useful
  • Using Raygun for Logging in Windows Phone Applications – Tendulkar takes a look at integrating the Raygun.Io logging service/framework into a Windows Phone application to help gather information about your applications issues.
  • Stop Doing Internet Wrong – Scott Hanselman discusses a bunch of things that we as web developers are still getting wrong when developing sites, ranging from bad linking to mobile sites to not marking up checkboxes correctly.