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  • Construction destruction – Eric Lippert takes a look at the birth and death of objects, and how these events can cause side effects, along with the usual twist to what you might expect to take place.
  • When the Google beats on your SignalR – Jeff Putz highlights how he received a large number of exceptions from his SignalR endpoint caused by GoogleBot, and shares a robots.txt exclusion to make Google and other well behaved bots avoid the SignalR endpoint.
  • Understanding the risk of mixed content warnings – Troy Hunt continues his discussion of website security with a look at the dangers of mixed content, where items on a ‘Secure’ page are loaded over a mixture of HTTP and HTTPS.
  • JSON vs. XML: Some hard numbers about verbosity – We all know that XML is quite a bloated data transfer form, and the Json is more concise, and in this article ‘Pragmateek’ takes a look at this and provides some actual numbers, including a look at applying compression to the data.
  • Download C# Language Specification 5.0 & Download Visual Basic Language Specification 11.0 – The official language specification documents for C#5 and VB11 are now available for download from the Microsoft Downloads site – these are a great reference, and actually make interesting reading too – what better way to learn about how your language of choice works than to look at the original specification.
  • Do you really need API Versioning? – Andreas Krohn reviews the arguments for and against API versioning strategies discussing the problems it tries to solve, as well as looking at how to go about it, and questions if you really need to do it.
  • Spooling in SQL execution plans – Rob Farley takes a look at the Spool operators in SQL execution plans, explaining what their purpose is and why certain statements include them. I really love database query performance tuning, and this is a nice article to explain a common operator.
  • Get Your Map of the Microsoft Developer Platform World – Vitor Ciaramella has created a nice map outlining the various branches of the Microsoft Development eco-sphere – useful to see what is out there and how some bits related, especially if you are a specialist in a particular area.