Update: Alois Kraus’ link today should have referred to Enterprise Library and not Entity Framework – thanks to Davide for letting me know via the comments.



  • Taking Baby Steps with ScriptCS – Jan Van Ryswyck discusses his desire for a simpler .NET development story and looks at how ScriptCS may provide just that, showing how easily you can get up and running with the ScriptCS environment, and looking at spinning up NancyFx within it.
  • MSDN Magazine June Issue Preview – Michael Desmond gives a taste of what is to come in this month’s MSDN Magazine, with publication to occur today (3rd June) at some point.
  • Semantic Tracing For .NET 4.0 – Alois Kraus highlights the semantic logging support which has been made available in Entity Framework 6 Enterprise Library, looking at working with the Event Tracing for Windows functionality to get an understanding of what your application is doing under the hood.
  • Hijacking the Visual Studio Build Process – Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi takes a look at how you can replace out the standard build process in Visual Studio with a custom MSBuild, sharing an example from some recent work on a Chrome extension
  • Creating a Basic CRUD Application with Backbone.js Starter Kit (part 2) – Kazi Manzur follows on from his earlier post with more exploration of buildin a basic application using his Backbone.js starter template
  • Thoughts on Queue Centric Workflow Design – Jason Short shares a collection of thoughts and experiences from working with enterprise customers on queue centric workflow pattern based systems
  • How to troubleshoot Windows Azure Mobile Services – Jeff Sanders shares a number of useful tips to help in debugging issues with Windows Azure Mobile Services


  • Windows Phone Events – Mike Taulty highlights an event taking place this Saturday (8th June) in Shoreditch which will provide support in porting existing Windows Phone 7 applications to Windows Phone 8, and a second event on Saturday 15th June at Nokia, Paddington, London whcih focuses on getting new developers working with the Windows 8 platform.