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The Morning Brew #1361

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The Morning Brew #1360

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  • What is lexical scoping? – Eric Lippert discusses the use of the word ‘Scope’ in development, and looks at the two different styles of scoping, dynamic scoping and lexical scoping
  • Traversing the GC Heap with ClrMd – Sasha Goldshtein takes a look at working with the ClrMd library to programatically work with the CLR debugging API, exploring how you can walk across the Garbage Collection Heap and explore its contents.
  • Some "Laws" of Software Development – Al Noel takes a look at some of the ‘enduring truths’ of software development encapsulated in a variety of named ‘laws’ including Ziv’s, Conway’s and Humphrey’s Laws, before sharing his own software development ‘law’
  • Play with Packages, programmatically! – The NuGet Team give a taste of the API available for the NuGet package Manager allowing your code to easily interact with NuGet.
  • Modern Art – Phil Trelford proves that F# isn’t just for scientists and financiers, turning his hand to recreating works of art using the F# Language


  • Humanitarian Toolbox Hackathon at DevTeach – Bill Wagner highlights the Humanitarian Toolbox Hackathon event being held at the DevTeach conference at the end of the month, and is a great opportunity to turn your development skills for the power of good.
  • Windows 8 for Developers Online Camp – Joe Mayo highlights a Windows 8 Developer Camp Online event, with three hours of content on developing applications for Windows 8 from Joe and Greg Levenhagen on the 21st May.

The Morning Brew #1359

Posted by on 20 May 2013 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew


  • YUICompressor 2.4.8 Released – Joey Smith announces the latest release of the YUICompressor, and the first since they shifted to a contributor model. As a result this release contains contributions from over 10 individuals, and includes updates to both CSS and JavaScript minification
  • Just released – Prism for Windows Runtime – Blaine Wastell of the Patterns and Practices team at Microsoft announces the release of Prism for the Windows Runtime, previously codenamed ‘Kona’ targeting the development of Windows 8 applications. The release is amde along with an AdventureWorks based reference implementation, three quickstarts and associated documentation.


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