• Spot the defect: rounding, part two – Eric Lippert returns with the second half of his look at rounding, and looks into the detail behind the subtle bug in the previous post and the exciting (and troublesome) world of double precision decimals represented as binary fractions.
  • .NET Security Part 3 – Simon Cooper continues his series looking at the security features of the .NET Framework, exploring running full trust code in its own sandboxed appdomain yet still allowing partially trusted code call it.
  • Step-by-Step creating an app to find the nearest – Susan Ibach walks through the process of building a ‘Find the nearest’ type application for Windows 8 based upon an application template provided by Mark Arteaga.
  • Looking at Kotlin – a few notes made – Rob Ashton shares some thoughts and notes made during a Kotlin workshop given by Hadi Hariri, giving a useful introduction to what Kotlin is and some getting started pointers.
  • Game Development Using JavaScript – Shai Raiten shares a passion for building games with JavaScript in this CodeProject article, discussing some of the game development concepts, and looking at how they apply in JavaSCript and HTML5 development.
  • How to customize Twitter Bootstrap to fit your web design – Sojaner takes a look at how you can go about customising the styling of Twitter Bootstrap to have it reflect your purposes, showing how browser developer tools can help you understand what is going on, and how the LESS CSS processor allows you to easily customise the styling.
  • Where Is .NET Headed? – K. Scott Allen shares some thoughts on the future direction of the .NET Framework and associated platforms,. Well worth reading through the numerous comments on this one too.
  • New Windows Dev Center release – Brian Harry highlights the new and improved Windows Dev Center website (something which his team is responsible for) which includes a new navigation structure based on the development lifecycle, new section landing pages, and a Windows look and feel.
  • Red Gate Is Looking For Feedback On Its ASP.NET MVC Web Development Education Website – While on the subject of Websites, RedGate have a nice ASP.NET MVC resource site which they are looking for feedback on as Paulo Morgado highlights in this post.


  • What has The Next Generation User Group ever done for us? – Guy Smith Ferrier highlights the sterling work done by Richard Costall, Dave McMahon and John Price over the years running the NxtGenUG, and the evolution of some of the NxtGenUG chapters into fresh new Usergroups. I couldn’t agree more with Guy, the community owes them all a debt of gratitude for their efforts.