• TouchDevelop v3.0 beta for Windows Phone 8 – Nikolai Tillmann announces the release of TouchDevelop 3.0 Beta, targeting Windows Phone 8, and includes its new execution engine based on TypeScript. Its a closed beta release which you can get hold of by emailing the team
  • May 2013 Internet Explorer Updates – Ceri Gallacher highlights the latest security fixes for Internet Explorer released yesterday as a part of the regular Patch Tuesday
  • Windows Keeps Getting Better – Brandon LeBlanc shares more news on the forthcoming Windows Blue (8.1) release which will be made available free of charge via the Windows Store.


  • Scripting ease with Script Packs – Glenn Block discusses the nature of Script Packs in scriptcs, discussing how they are intended to make the experience of working with scriptcs better and provide a neat way of extending.
  • Deeper dive into ScriptCS – Scott Smith follows on from his introductory post on ScriptCS with a more in-depth look at ScriptCS and the use and creation of Script Packs.
  • CLR Diagnostics with ClrMD and ScriptCS REPL – ScriptCS.ClrDiagnostics – Piotr Walat takes a look at using the CLR Diagnostics and ClrMD with ScriptCS, sharig a script pack which combines the two.
  • Benchmarking mistakes, part one – Eric Lippert highlights an article he has written for TechPro looking at the common mistakes people make when attempting to benchmark their code, discussing first the concept of benchmarking, and looking in detail at the first 4 key common mistakes.
  • Using Web Workers to Improve Performance of Image Manipulation – David Catuhe takes a look at the use of Web Workers to provide improved performance in HTML5 based applications, exploring their use in processing and manipulating images