Update: The joke was on me, with a bit of broken HTML in today’s Humour link causing issues with the rest of the page – thanks to Damien for letting me know via the comments


  • jQuery Migrate 1.2.1 Released – Dave Methvin announces the release of jQuery Migrate 1.2.1 which addresses a regression defect in version 1.2 regarding rejection of valid HTML strings. The release is already available on the jQuery CDN in both minified and non-minified forms.
  • Toastr 1.3.0 Now Available – John Papa announces the release of Toastr 1.3.0 the latest update to this nice simple JavaScript based Toast Notification library


  • Entity Framework Code First Validation & Entity Framework Code First Fluent Validation – Ricardo Peres takes a look at performing validation with Enfity Framework Code First entities exploring the various approaches to validation available in the box, and also explores constructing validation using a Fluent Interface
  • Getting started with ScriptCS – Scott Smith shares an introductory look at ScriptCS, giving a nice getting started overview looking at installation, running samples, and starting writing your own scripts .
  • Consistent error handling with Nancy – Paul Stovell is setting about moving his Octopus Deploy portal to run under NancyFX and in this post shares some of his experiences working with and handling errors in a Nancy based application
  • W3C Transitions Pointer Events to Candidate Recommendation – Jacob Rossi highlights the change in status of the W3C Pointer Events to become a Candidate Recommendation. This specification is a concerted effort by browser vendors to standardise the various mouse and touch events to allow better more efficient development for application developers.
  • When To Comment Your Code – Steve Smith discusses the art and science of commenting your code, drawing on various points of view in well know software development related books



  • Developer humor – Jason Jarrett highlights a couple of amusing developer related collections of animated gifs covering everything from Git to Project Management