• jQuery 2.0 Beta 3 Released – Dave Methvin announces the release of jQuery 2.0 Beta 3, and appeals to the community to help out with the testing of this significant update the the jQuery library
  • Announcing jQuery Mobile 1.3.1 – Todd Parker announces the release of jQuery Mobile 1.3.1, a maintenance release of 1.3 with nearly 50 improvements and bugfixes, along with the addition of Sourcemap support from the minified version.
  • YUI 3.9.1 Released – Andrew Wooldridge announces the latest bugfix release of the YUI framework, which addresses an issue with the included version of Handlebars which has been causing problems with nested blocks in templates
  • Updates (some API changes) to the Azure Mobile Services iOS SDK – Carlos Fugueira highlights an updated release of the iOS SDK for Windows Azure Mobile Services which includes a number of changes to the interface based upon feedback from the community.