• Json.NET 5.0 Release 1 – .NET 4.5, BigInteger, Read-Only Collections – James Newton-King announces the first release of Json.NET 5.0, a release which now includes .NET 4.5 and .NET 4.5 Portable class library versions, along with improved support for serializing NaN and Infinity, large actual numbers (in the form of BigInteger) and Read Only Collections.
  • Our tiny Bootstrap rich text editor is now opensource – Gojko Adzic announces the release of a simple and lightweight Rich Text Editor component for jQuery and BootStrap which was developed as a part of MindMup.
  • Great news for web developers! WebMatrix 3 is here – Amna Mangoosh Al Ali highlights the preview release of WebMatrix 3, made last week which includes improved remote support, update language support to include TypeScript, PHP, Node.js as well as traditional ASP.NET, and integrates with Git and TFS.


  • Angry Birds of JavaScript: Green Bird – Mocking – Elijah Manor continues his Front End Architecture series with another instalment looking at the use of mocking as a front end developer to allow you to work ahead of the backend developers completing work
  • Test Framework Feature Comparisons – What If We Cooperated? – Charlie Poole kicks off a new project ‘ .NET Test Framework Feature Comparison’ aiming to be an up to date comparison of the features and capabilities of the various Testing Frameworks in existence on the .NET Stack.
  • Streaming Diagnostics Trace Logging from the Azure Command Line (plus Glimpse!) – Scott Hanselman takes a look at the support for obtaining trace diagnostic logging for remote Azure Websites quickly and easily via the Azure Command Line Interface, and also explores the use of Glimpse, a fantastic tool for getting a view on what is going on server side from the comfort of your browser.
  • ARR – Using SignalR in an ARR cluster – Matthew Manela shares some useful tips for running SignalR based services on a load balanced cluster using Application Request Routing (ARR) to spread requests between boxes, highlighting some configuration settings to tweak to ensure you get the best transports possible.
  • Why is the IIS default app pool recycle set to 1740 minutes? – Scott Forsyth reveals the real reason behind the 29 hours or 1740 minutes time period between IIS application pool recycles which has been the default configuration for IIS since IIS6.
  • jQuery Best Practices – S.Kaur shares 14 jQuery best practices to help keep your jQuery code clean, and efficient in this CodeProject article