• Monads, part thirteen – Just when you thought it was over, Eric Lippert pops up with a link to Tasks, Monads, and LINQ a great article from Stephen Toub picking up on Erics references to Task<T> in his series and taking a look at Task<T> and how it relates to the monad pattern
  • 5 ways to implement HTTPS in an insufficient manner (and leak sensitive data) – Troy Hunt takes a look at 5 HTTPS security anti-patterns, dissecting the use of cookies, mixed HTTP and HTTPS, and posting data, illustrating with some real world examples.
  • MSDN Magazine – The April 2013 edition of MSDN Magazine is now available online, with articles looking at C++/CX language extensions for building Windows 8 apps, the JavaScript API for Office, adaptive boosting classification, and a whole lot more
  • WebP – Advanced image optimization using ASP.NET MVC – Dean Hume takes a look at the WebP image format from Google, looking at how you can implement it in ASP.NE MVC applications to serve WebP images to clients who support it, improving the page load performance with their reduced size.
  • Angry Birds of JavaScript: White Bird – Linting – Elijah Manor continues his Angry Birds inspired post series with a look at the use of JavaScript Lint to check for possible problems in your code, and ensure that standards are being observed, discussing some of the analysis the tooling performs.
  • How We Get Coding Standards Wrong – Erik Dietrich shares some of his thoughts on Coding Standards, looking at some of the false economies of defining standards. Be sure to check out the comments on this one for further discussion
  • Beware of Async Sub or Void – Jim Wooley highlights a potential confusion point when dealing with async / await and methods which don’t return anything (void)
  • Building a basic JSON parser in OMeta – Rob Ashton shares the first steps at building a JSON parser using OMeta, walking through the process using a TDD style, giving a nice example of how you can build up complex functionality test first.
  • Building Large, Maintainable, and Testable Knockout.js Applications – Jonathan Creamer takes a look at building real world applications using development best practices using Knockout.js, exploring AMD and Require.js, and looking at building a sample application.