• Introducing Pretty Paste for VS2012 – Mads Kristensen addresses an annoyance of the standard Visual Studio Paste when copying code from the web where line numbers have been applied, sharing Pretty Paste, a Visual Studio Extension which solves the problem.
  • Node v0.10.1 (Stable) – The Node.js team announce the release of Node 0.10.1, their latest stable release including a number of cryptographic and stream processing fixes.
  • tjanczuk/edge – I’m not sure how long this has been about, but it’s well worth a mention here. Tomasz Janczuk has created Edge which allows you to run .NET code from within a Node.js application, handling all the marshalling and infrastructure and presenting a nice clean implementation for using .NET code from node. I had a brief play with this over the weekend, and really like it.
  • Announcing jQuery Mobile 1.2.1 – The jQuery Mobile team announce jQuery Mobile 1.2.1, a bugfix release which addresses reported issues across the whole library, including lots of fixes for the popup control
  • Babel Obfuscator: Babel Obfuscator Released – Alberto Ferrazzoli announces the release of Babel Obfuscator 6.3 including support for ARM7 processors and improvements to Silverlight XAML obfuscation.


  • Angry Birds of JavaScript: Red Bird – Elijah Manor kicks off a series of posts on Web Development practices inspired by the various Angry Birds from the well know game series. This post looks at the abuse of the global namespace, and how you can ensure that your code behaves well using the best practices approaches to avoid issues with global scope.
  • ElmahR = ELMAH + SignalR (1.0.0 released!) – Wasp.NET discusses the ElmahR library which SignalR enables ELMAH to provide an improved experience for reporting errors. This post looks at the various improvements which went into the 1.0 release
  • CSS on Steroids – Introduction to LESS/SASS – Jakub Chodounsky takes a look at the two leading CSS preprocessors in the form of LESS and SASS, discussing some of their differences and common usages.
  • Why Are WebRequests Throttled? I Want More Throughput! – Alexandre Brisebois discusses the throttling which is built in to the .NET WebRequest connection management, which can significantly impact performance, and looks at the configuration which allows you to relax the restrictions.
  • Basic JavaScript: Prototypical Inheritance vs. Functional Inheritance – Jan Van Ryswyck takes a back to basics look at JavaScript inheritance patterns looking at the the differences between prototypical and functional inheritance.


  • NxtGenUG – Event – TypeScript – The Hereford branch of the NxtGenUG welcome Mark Rendle for a session on the TypeScript language extensions to JavaScript, with Mark delving into the language extensions, the tooling and using TypeScript in Windows Store applications. The Session is on the Evening of Monday 8th April.