Short edition today due to hellish traffic.. should be back to normal tomorrow.



  • Details of the February 22nd 2013 Windows Azure Storage Disruption – The Windows Azure team give the full details of the recent outage which affects Windows Azure Storage Blobs, Tables and Queues across all regions, explaining the root causes, the recovery, and things that will be done in the future to avoid it happening again.
  • SignalR, Filters and ServiceStack – Filip W takes a look at applying the same techniques from his recent post looking at SignalR, exploring how you can do the same kind of thing to integrate other web frameworks
  • ASP.NET Web API Logging and Troubleshooting – Pablo M. Cibraro discusses the ASP.NET Framework’s built in mechanisms for logging and troubleshooting, taking a look at Error Detail Policy and Tracing.
  • Automated code quality testing using Roslyn – Claus Asbjørn Sørensen takes a look at how the Roslyn framework can be used to write automated code quality rules, allowing you to easily test for compliance to guidelines such as Injection, naming conventions, etc.