• Glimpse RC2 now available! – The Glimpse Team announce their second Release Candidate release, building on the feedback from the previous release with a bunch of community contributions including improved support for SignalR, Cassette, IE9, API improvements, and much more. Assuming this RC release goes well, I have it on good authority that the final V1.0 release will likely occur this week!
  • RavenDB 2.01 Stable Release – Ayende announces the release of RavenDB 2.01, a minor stable release which addresses reported issues, and adds a couple of features to the V2.0 release made last month


  • C#/.NET Little Wonders: Explicit Interface Implementation – James Michael Hare continues his series of posts looking at some of the less known aspects of the C# language and .NET Framework with a post on the implementation of Interfaces looking at implicit implementation, and then at Explicit Implementation, and the reasons you may have to chose between them.
  • XML’s 15th Birthday – Tim Bray looks back at the past 15 years of developers having XML in their life, celebrating the 15th Birthday / Anniversary of the publication of the first publication of the W3C recommendation.
  • A Caveat with NuGet Source Code Packages – Phil Haack discusses the ability to include source code, and have its namespace transformed, in NuGet packages, allowing source distribution of library code in a way that they compile into the destination project – a neat feature, but Phil explores some of the potential difficulties, and looks at possible solutions
  • Using the lego blocks to create a synchronized Kanban board. – Eric Hexter takes a look at combining the various ‘Lego Blocks’ of ASP.NET Functionality into a working project sharing the implementation of a synchronised Kanban board which uses ASP.Net MVC, ASP.Net WebAPI, SignalR, KnockoutJS, jQuery, jQuery UI, and Twtitter Bootstrap.
  • Writing modular frontend components in 2013 – .NET Magazine has a nice article from Angelina Fabbro on the techniques available for use in building frontend web components in 2013, looking at the pros and cons of each technique
  • Lifesaving Tips for Developers – Chris Eargle shares a collection of tips for survival as a developer, ranging from warnings about over complexity to the importance of backup – all useful reminders
  • Protect your Queryable API with the validation feature in ASP.NET Web API OData – Hongmei Ge continues exploration of the OData functionality in ASP.NET Web API, looking in this post at how you can add validation to the parameters passed to your API helping you to limit the behaviours of methods.
  • Writing Fast, Memory-Efficient JavaScript – A slightly older article from Addy Osmani on the performance of JavaScript over at Smashing Magazine, which goes into great detail about the various things we as developers can do to play best with the performance characteristics of the JavaScript engine you are using.
  • Feature Toggles vs Feature Branches – Dylan’s $0.02 – Dylan Smith joins the discussion on Feature Toggles and Feature Branches sharing some thoughts on the use of these techniques to control development and available functionality in applications