• RavenDB 2.0 RTM – Ayende announces the release of RavenDB 2.0 a substantial new version created from 4,975 commits to source control by 68 different contributors, including lots of new features, performance and operational improvements and much more.
  • New version of TraceEvent / PerfMonitor Posted to – Vance Morrison highlights the latest update to the ‘Trace Event Library’, released on CodePlex. This update takes the library behind PerfView to its latest internal version and provides Event Tracing for Windows, System.Diagnostics tracing functionality
  • SpecsFor 3.0 Preview Available on NuGet – Matt Honeycutt announces the availability of the first preview of SpecsFor 3.0 now available via NuGet. This major new release cleans up the core of the project and includes the implementation of a new way of composing test context.