• azure-cli 0.6.9 ships, pure joy – Glen Block gives a run down of the new features added to the latest release of the Windows Azure azure-cli package which brings management of Windows Azure to your command liner
  • this.Log – Source, NuGet Package & Performance – After a positive response to his recent post on this.log, Rob Reynolds has extracted the code into a collection of different NuGet Packages containing implementations for different logging and Mocking Frameworks, and sample code packages too.
  • NuGet package for creating and querying Table Storage entities in (reverse) chronological order – Sandrino Di Mattia shares a useful NuGet Package for working with Windows Azure Table Storage entities where you need to store and query chronologically ordered data
  • Team Explorer Everywhere Update 1 – Brian Harry highlights the update 1 release of Team Explorer Everywhere, released along side the Visual Studio 2012 / TFS Update 1, which brings support for public workspaces, baseless merges in the UI and Chinese Language in the UI, as well as various smaller fixes and improvements