Posting Errored this morning, so this didn’t go out as at the usual time as intended – apologies to one and all, and thanks to Libor for letting me know in the comments.


  • TFS2012: Monitoring Management Pack – Grant Holliday announces the release of the Team Foundation Server Monitoring Management Pack which provides functionality for monitoring TFS2012 instances in Systems Center Operations Manager, allowing operations folks to better monitor and maintain TFS instances.
  • "Sync Block Edit" a Visual Studio 2010/2012 extension to sync multiple duplicate text blocks – Greg Duncan highlights a Visual Studio Extension which makes maintaining duplicate code blocksin sync amongst files in the solution easy, which on the surface sounds like a horrid idea (duplication of code) but would make great sense for things like license boiler plate, copyright, etc.


  • ASP.NET Web API Help Page Part 3: Advanced Help Page customizations – Yao continues looking at the ASP.NET Web API Help Pages functionality, discussing some of the further customisations you can make to the generated pages, changing the display, and content of the pages.
  • Creating NGEN PDBs for Profiling Reports – Andrew B Hall discusses the use of PDB files in Profiling, and looks at how when NGen’d into native modules the PDB files no longer match resulting in less than useful profiling results, so in this post shows how you can create PDB files for NGen’d assemblies
  • Getting Typescript setup on your build server – Derik Whittaker follows on from his previous post on compiling and combining TypeScript files with a short note about getting TypeScript up and running on a Build Server using the npm package manager.
  • On protecting HTML5 apps – Christian Heilmann discusses the protection of the code behind HTML5 based applications, and also discusses some of the benefits of not making the code difficult to get.
  • Building a Game With JavaScript – Christopher Bennage continues his exploration of building a JavaScript based game with a look a the implementation of a Game Loop.
  • Data Binding: Windows 8 Store App using JavaScript – Jarrod Hermer discusses some of the concepts and implementation of data binding in HTML/JavaScript Windows 8 Store Applications.
  • Walkthrough: Implementing SnapView in your Windows 8 App – Jerry Nixon shares another video cast discussing the different views in Windows 8 Store applications and showing how to implement the SnapView in a XAML based application.
  • Async – Handling multiple Exceptions – Bnaya Eshet discusses the patterns for handling multiple exceptions in async code, illustrating with some samples, and looking at continuing operations.