• Announcing TypeScript – TypeScript – Jonathan Turner highlights the release of the latest update to TypeScript, a bugfix release which addresses reported issues with source-map debugging.
  • Announcing Reduced Pricing for Windows Azure Storage – Steven Martin announces further price cuts to the Windows Azure Storage offerings, giving a further reduction of up to 28% from 12th December, along with reiterating the investment that Microsoft are making in the Azure Storage platform.
  • Visual Studio and Internationalization – Somasegar discusses the commitment that the Visual Studio Teams made to Internationalization support in Visual Studio 2012, shipping the main release and Update 1 in 10 languages, and highlights the community language packs or other languages.


  • Windows 8 Development Tip #1: Choosing XAML or HTML – &
  • Tip #2: Get to know Microsoft design style – Brent Schooley kicks off a series of posts looking at some key areas of Windows 8 development, and some fo the critical decisions you have to make when developing on the platform, initiallty looking at the language choice and design language for Windows 8 applications.
  • PragPub for December, upcoming Holiday Treats – The Pragmatic Bookshelf announce the release of the December Edition of PragPub Magazine, featuring articles on Haskell, migrating to the cloud, Agile, threading, and productivity tips.
  • Reflection optimization techniques – Ajay Jain discusses a variety of techniques for improving the performance of your Reflection based code, exploring a number of reflection operations and looking at code generation and caching as options to improve the performance.
  • MSDN Subscribers – Don’t forget to activate your Pluralsight training benefit – The South Africa Developer and Platform Group remind everyone that the deadline for redeeming the Pluralsight training benefit for your MSDN Subscription is 11 December – If you have a full MSDN subscription and haven’t done this yet your really should – lots of great content.
  • Messaging semantics: names and verbs – Jimmy Bogard discusses a naming convention for Message names in message passing systems, and ensuring that the names are consistent with what the message does.