• MSDN Magazine – The December 2012 edition of MSDN Magazine is now available online, with articles covering Windows 8 and Web Sockets, Speech technology in Windows Phone, the C# Memory Model, and HTML5 along with the regular columns.
  • MS Open Tech Contributes Support for Windows ETW and Perf Counters to Node.js – Claudio Caldato highlights another contribution to the Open Source Software world by the folks at MS Open Tech. The team have contributed performance counter integration in Node.JS back to the community, allowing you to work with performance counters and Event Tracing for Windows.
  • Encrypting and Decrypting Web.config Sections in .NET 4.0 – Rostyslav Yaremchuk shares a step by step look at the encrypting of Web.Config sections, allowing you to protect sensitive portions of your configuration from prying eyes.
  • Weak References in .NET 4.5 :: BlackWasp Software Development – Richard Carr takes a look at the implementation of WeakReferences in .NET 4.5, exploring the new generic version of Weak Reference, building on an earlier post which looked at the original non-generic version.
  • Share Nuget packages between solutions: Part 1 & Part 2 – Vasil Trifonov takes a look at how NuGet packages get duplicated in multiple solutions, and shares a technique which will allow them to be shared between a collection of solutions
  • SQL Advent 2012 Day 3: Sargable Queries – SQLDenis shares a useful query optimisation technique to help ensure that your queries make the most effective use of indexes when performing queries which include clauses which are expressions or function calls.
  • Manage cookies using Web API – Ugo Lattanzi takes a look at working with Cookies in ASP.NET Web API applications, discussing the reading and writing of cookies and the consumer view of managing cookies with requests.
  • Wanted: Windows Phone / Windows 8 developers for 2Day ! – Jeremy Alles is looking for some fellow Windows Phone (or similarly experienced) developers to help ouit with his pet project 2Day, a successful ToDo list application.


  • Sheffield .NET User Group – December 2012 – I included a link to this event in yesterday’s edition, however the page I linked to had an incorrect venue, so here is the official sign up page for the event with the correct venue details.