• W3C Web Performance: Continuing Performance Investments – Jatinder Mann gives an update on the recent happenings on the W3C Web Performance working group, and the decision on areas which will receive the focus of the working group based on data collected.
  • Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 and the ALM Virtual Machine – Brian Keller discusses the Visual Studio 2012 Update 1, the possibility and work around required to get it on to his Virtual Machine ALM install, and his plans to release an updated ALM Virtual Machine Image
  • Why All The Lambdas? – K. Scott Allen discusses the use of Lambda expressions in ASP.NET MVC Views and with HTML Helper methods, looking at how they can be implemented without the lambda, and discussing the benefits of using the lambda expression.
  • Windows Azure Active Directory Processes 200 Billion Authentications – Connecting People, Data and Devices Around The Globe – Bill Hilf discusses the quite impressive numbers of requests that the Windows Azure Active Directory service has processed, and processes every second, giving some background to the service and it implementation.
  • Profiling Entity Framework 5 in code – Tom Cook takes a look at obtaining the SQL statements being executed by the Entity Framework 5 at a C# Code level by using the OnSaveChanges event, allowing you application level control of your logging / processing of the data.
  • Full-Text Search on Azure with Lucene.NET – Leon Cullens discusses the use of Lucene.NET for providing Full Text Indexing on Windows Azure, and looks at the Azure Directory project which provides Azure support for Lucene.NET.
  • A Good Night’s Rest – Sharon Cichelli shares some good advice for software developers on getting a good night’s sleep – I know far too many developers who regularly make comments about not getting a good nights sleep, so I think this one is long overdue advice.