Hope all my American readers had a good Thanksgiving – today’s edition is a little light due to low numbers of posts (as a result of Thanksgiving)


  • Separating Concerns – Part 1: Libraries – Chris Patterson kicks off a series looking at the principle of separation of concerns, discussing the underluing ideas, the problem that separation of concerns can have with high cohesion, and disucssing the role of the library in addressing separation of concerns.
  • 31 Days of Windows 8 | Day #23: The Compass – Jeff Blankenburg and Clark Sell continue their month long series looking at the various aspects of Windows 8 Development, with the latest instalment taking a look at the use of the Compass Sensor in both XAML/C# (Jeff) and HTML5 / JS (Clark)
  • Realtime ASP.NET Web API tracing with SignalR – Filip W takes a look at combining the Web API Tracing ,included in the WebAPI Core in the fall update, with the power of SignalR to create a real time tracing log for you Web API applications
  • How to return a CSV file with ASP.NET MVC – Simone Chiaretta takes a look at the returning of CSV data from ASP.NET MVC actions, discussing the process of extending the ActionResult class, and sharing a simple CSV implementation
  • Getting started: TypeScript for Windows 8 Projects using Visual Studio 2012 – Shen Yizhe shares a walk through of getting up and running with TypeScript in your projects, looking at using the Web Essentials extension, and how you can use type script in your Windows Store applications.
  • A Few New Things Coming To JavaScript – Addy Osmani shares a look at what is coming in the future of JavaScript with the new features in the ECMAScript.next specification, discussing the new features, and looking at them in use in code examples.