• Windows Azure Training Kit October 2012 Release – Clint Edmonson highlights the release of the Windows Azure Training Kit, October 2012, which now includes speaker notes for the majority of presentations, localized content in 9 additional languages on the Windows Azure Mobile Services, updated hands on labs and a number of new demos.
  • Test Studio Blog > New in Fiddler 2.4.2 – Eric Lawrence announces a minor update beta release of the Fiddler Web Debugger which adds some improved functionality around Web Sessions, protocol violation detection, and working with the loopback adapter on Windows 8


  • Dynamic contagion, part two – Eric Lippert continues his discussion of the contagion model and its use in method type inference when working with dynamic types discussing how this is used to help support the design goal for dynamic that runtime analysis should honour all the compile time information available.
  • Versioning RESTful Services – Howard Dierking shares some thoughts from one of his presentations on the versioning of RESTful Services, discussing how REST services typically separate the contract and the service, and explores three techniques for altering a representation.
  • Enabling ASP.NET Web API Help Pages for ASP.NET Web Forms Applications – Mark Berryman discusses the new Web API Help pages preview feature taking a look at how you can add it and Web API to an existing ASP.NET Web Forms application, illustrating the concept of ‘one ASP.NET’ nicely.
  • Adding Session support to ASP.NET Web API – Fillip W discusses adding session state to ASP.NET Web API services, starting out with a discussion of why you probably shouldn’t do this, before looking at how you can do it if you need to
  • Real-world SignalR example, ditching ghetto long polling – Jeff Putz takes a look at how you can take advantage of SignalR in existing applications to replace crude polling behavior with a much more responsive experience, highlighting a Build session on SignalR from its creators David Fowler and Damian Edwards.
  • Publish and Subscribe using SignalR in Home Automation – Part 3 – Eric Hexter continues discussion of his project to create a state synchronized UI across a number of devices using SignalR, discussing how the publish-subscribe capabilities of SignalR support this.
  • Essential Knowledge for Windows Azure Storage & Essential Knowledge for Azure Table Storage – Bruno Terkaly shares two nice introductory posts (verging on the infographic) which discuss all the key aspects of Windows Azure Storage and Windows Azure Table Storage
  • Design patterns in the test of time: Façade – Ayende presses on with his series looking back at the original Gang of Four design patterns, taking a look at the Façade pattern, sharing his thoughts on the pattern and suggesting that it is often misused or over used ad adds unnecessary complexity.
  • Zen Coding in Visual Studio 2012 – John Papa discusses Zen Coding, an idea introduced by Sergey Chikuyonok which provides a quicker way of creating HTML, and highlights its inclusion in the Web Essentials extension for Visual Studio, along with giving a tutorial on its use.
  • WP8 Voice Commands: Wildcards – Rob Chambers continues his discussion of the new Speech Recognition functionality of Windows Phone 8, with a discussion of the use of Wild cards to improve the user experience and allow you to add support for a wider range of commands.


  • Windows Azure Conf is Next Week! Attend Online – Thiago Almeida highlights the Virtual Windows Azure Conference taking place all day (8:30-17:00 PST) next Wednesday (14th Nov) and being broadcast live by the folks over at Channel 9.